Going out to a restaurant has been an integral part of a Saturday night's entertainment for my friends and I over the past couple of years - but prior to September 1997, we had merely gone to the same few restaurants week in, week out and argued frequently over which one we should go to on a particular night.
One night however, an astonishing brainwave came to one of my friends. This proved a means of avoiding the boredom of going to the same restaurants all the time and yet not get involved in more pointless arguing - the idea was a restaurant crawl!

In the past, pub crawls have proved to be a great and enjoyable way of trying out a large number of pubs and working out which are the best ones to go back to - so why shouldn't the same principle be applied to restaurants? That way you get to try out a huge variety of different restaurants and cuisine and go to places you would never have thought about visiting before.

We started the Crawl in September 1997 at one end of Ealing (West London) and progressively moved down the high street over the successive weeks and months. A few weeks into the Crawl we toyed with the idea of writing a brief article for one of the local newspapers - but then rapidly disbanded that idea, in favour of setting up a Restaurant Review page at one of our home Internet sites. We decided that once we had finished reviewing the restaurants in Ealing we would then proceed to review the restaurants in other areas.
The Restaurant Crawl continued through Richmond, Kew and Chiswick but has now ended in Hammersmith as we would be moving too far our of area. Over the five years which the Crawl lasted, 113 restaurants were visited and our tastes are now much broader as a result.

I hope that some of you find this amateur restaurant guide useful. It must be emphasised that any kind of review is only a personal opinion and tastes can vary greatly. However, each restaurant's review page carries comments from 3-7 people as well as a multi-criteria rating guide and so is fairly comprehensive.

Although the Restaurant Crawl has finished, we do try and visit new restaurants. This site will be continuously updated when these reviews are completed.
Each of the restaurants have been scored using the following rating scheme.
Excellent: 5 Stars
Very good: 4 Stars
Good: 3 Stars
Average: 2 Stars
Tolerable: 1 Stars
Poor: X
London Restaurant Reviews
The restaurant reviews may be viewed both indexed chronologically and by type using the links below.
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The type index pages group restaurants of the same food type together, ordered with descending score in the group. This list is kept up to date and only contains restaurants that are currently operating.

The chronological index pages list the restaurants in the order they have been visited in The Crawl. These pages contain all restaurants for completeness. Restaurants that have closed down or are under new management are indicated by a caption in brackets by the restaurant name.

The left hand side navigation menu may be used at any time to call up any review area or return to this page.
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