!RDPClient Remote Desktop Client
  Latest version 0.88 - 5th April 2010
  rdpclient.arc Sparkive 318K
  rdpclient.zip Zip archive 254K
  History file:
  history.txt Text file 9K
  Sound support modules (SharedSoundBuffer version 0.07 and StreamManager version 0.03)
  ssb.arc Sparkive 42K
  ssb.zip Zip archive 25K
  Source code
  rdpclientsrc.zip Zip archive 821K
!RDPClient is a RISC OS client for servers running the Remote Desktop Protocol, also called Terminal Services.

Remote Desktop allows a client machine to log onto a server over a network and be presented with a virtual desktop display. Applications run entirely on the server under control of the client's keyboard and mouse with the display graphics being rendered on the client machine.
Remote Desktop server software is available for both Linux and Microsoft Windows with many editions of Window having single user versions built in.
Please note that Windows XP Home edition does not support the full Remote Desktop feature set and so cannot be accessed using !RDPClient - Windows XP Professional edition must be used instead.

Some uses of !RDPClient include:
  • Remote control of a Windows XP PC on a home network from a RISC OS machine.
  • Providing access to Windows applications from a network of RISC OS machines using a Window Terminal Server.
  • Remote administration of Windows Servers from a RISC OS machine over the Internet.

!RDPClient is based on version 1.6.0 of the open source application 'rdesktop' and is released under the GNU Public Licence (GPL). This website hosts a binary only download of the software. Please email me at the address listed at the end of this page to request a copy of the current source code.

This program requires the 32bit Shared C Library to be installed which can be downloaded from the RISC OS Open Downloads page.

Sound support in !RDPClient utilises the 'SharedSoundBuffer' and 'StreamManager' modules by John Duffell. Versions of these modules are available to download from this page by kind permission of the author. Visit John Duffell's web site (on Internet Archive) for more details. Note: these modules require 'SharedSound' version 1.07 or later to be installed.

!RDPClient has been tested on all versions of RISC OS from 3.70 upwards and is compatible with the Castle Iyonix PC. A minimum of RISC OS 3.50 and Internet 5 are required to run this software.

The principle features of !RDPClient are:
  • Compatible with the latest Microsoft Windows versions including Windows Vista and Windows 7.
  • Multi-tasking windowed operation.
  • Full screen multi-tasking operation.
  • Full screen single tasking mode.
  • Optimised screen updates in the Desktop by utilising an aggregating redraw queue.
  • Support for 8bit (256 colour), 15bit (32 thousand colour), 16bit (64 thousand colour), 24bit and 32bit (16 million colour) server screen modes.
  • Sound redirection.
  • Clipboard redirection.
  • Full colour animated mouse pointer.
  • Keyboard.
  • Server keymap selection.
  • Configurable keyboard shortcuts.
  • Support for RDP data compression.
  • Support for Iyonix nVidia FX series graphics cards in full screen mode.
  • Support for ViewFinder graphics card screen mode selection.

   This 1280x1024 (329K) screenshot shows !RDPClient connected to a Microsoft Windows Vista machine in 16 million colour mode.

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