FreeWare software
Listed below are some of the applications and utilities I have written for the RISC OS platform which can be downloaded as either a Sparkive or Zip archive.

My other applications, !RDPClient, a Remote Desktop client and !Widget5, a image processing package can be found on their own pages.

All the software here, unless otherwise stated, is StrongARM compatible and should work under all RISC OS versions between 3.1x to 4.0x and Select.

None of these packages except !WebBuild however will run on the XScale processor of the Castle Iyonix PC. If anyone is interested in a Iyonix compatible version, please contact me at the email address on the bottom of this page.

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  Latest version 0.49 - 18th May 1996
  arccomm.arc Sparkive 96K Zip archive 75K
ArcComm is desktop modem communications package.
  • Provides full VT52, VT100 and partial VT220 terminal emulation.
  • Contains a telephone number database for easy dialling.
  • Provides a toolbar for commonly used modem commands.
  • Supports Serial Blockdrivers and therefore supports the internal port as well as third party serial interface cards to their full capabilities.
    Download the latest blockdrivers from the X-Ample Technology software download page.
  • Allows ASCII file transfer with VT code stripping functions.
  • Uses the ZapRedraw module from the text editor !Zap for fast screen update.
    !Zap is required and can be downloaded from the !Zap website.
  Latest version 1.14 - 30th November 1993
  arcjpeg.arc Sparkive 156K Zip archive 115K
ArcJPEG is a desktop front end to the fourth release of the Independent JPEG Group's free JPEG software, the command-line programs "cjpeg" and "djpeg", which implement JPEG image compression and decompression.
  • Converts JPEG images to either PBMPlus, Targa or GIF file formats and also the reverse process, creation of a JPEG files.
  • Allows full control of all the features provided by version four of and djpeg and most of cjpeg.
  • Saving of the converted file via the standard save dialogue.
  • Destination file hotlinks: the image file is placed in a pre-defined location after conversion without user intervention.
  • Application hotlinks: the image is automatically loaded into any specified application when conversion is complete.
  • Multitasking file conversion.
  Latest version 1.01 - 14th September 1997
  dspeed.arc Sparkive 47K Zip archive 38K
DiscSpeed is a desktop program that tests how fast sequential data can be read from a file using different methods.
  • Unlike other speed test programs which are tuned to display a particular make of disc interface card or drive in it's best possible light, this program has been written to show how well real programs will function.
  • Any type of device can be tested including read only media such as CD ROM discs.
  • Results can be saved as CSV format and for a selection of graphing programs.
  Latest version 1.01 - 28th April 1995
  dm2.arc Sparkive 13K Zip archive 10K
Dismounter2 is a small module which allows ADFS discs to be dismounted by simply clicking on the drive icon with the Adjust mouse button.
  • Ideal for use with DOS format floppies which should be dismounted before removal.
  Latest version 1.01 - 13th November 1995
  pal256.arc Sparkive 23K Zip archive 21K
Pal256 is a desktop program that allows the 256 colour screen palette on machines equipped with the VIDC20 (RiscPC and A7000) to be programmed.
  • Includes built in standard 256 greylevel and 256 colour palettes plus an optimised palette for viewing greylevel images whilst keeping the WIMP colours.
  • Supports loading 256 colour palette files as saved by !Paint.
  Latest version 1.01 - 12th May 1995
  pane2test.arc Sparkive 34K Zip archive 28K
Pane2test is a Desktop program written in C which demonstrates the Pane2 library in DeskLib.
  • Supplied with full source code.
  • Ideal as an example of the use of the Pane2 library.
Serial2Parallel (S2P)
  Latest version 1.08 - 17th September 1995
  s2p.arc Sparkive 29K Zip archive 25K
S2P is a desktop program which redirects incoming data on a serial port to the parallel port.
  • Uses the Serial Blockdrivers and therefore supports the internal port as well as third party serial interface cards to their full capabilities.
    Download the latest blockdrivers from the X-Ample Technology software download page.
  • Supports the special Turbo Driver parallel cable as well as a standard one.
  • Can be used for remote printing from a computer connected by a serial link or to allow an Acorn PocketBook to print to a parallel printer.
  Latest version 1.03 - 28th June 1995
  spinctrl.arc Sparkive 20K Zip archive 18K
SpinCtrl is a desktop program that allows the configuration and control of the power management facilities provided by ADFS for IDE hard drives
  • Provide immediate drive spindown/spinup.
  • Allows setting of the drive spindown delay time.
  Latest version 1.10 - 25th October 1995
  spool.arc Sparkive 36K Zip archive 31K
Spool is a desktop program which allows files to be spooled to the serial or parallel port whilst multitasking in the Desktop.
  • Uses the Serial Blockdrivers and therefore supports the internal port as well as third party serial interface cards to their full capabilities.
    Download the latest blockdrivers from the X-Ample Technology software download page.
  • Supports the special Turbo Driver parallel cable as well as a standard one.
  • Allows a series of files to be spooled by dragging a group of files to the Spool icon from the Filer.
  Latest version 1.00 - 26th October 2000
  urn.arc Sparkive 23K Zip archive 20K
URN is a desktop program which renames files taken from a UNIX generated 'Rock Ridge' extension CD ROM to restore their proper filenames on systems which display the upper case short filenames.

The program was written to aid the installation of NetBSD on my RiscPC from a UNIX CD. The program allowed me to use RISC OS to copy the files off the CD into a NetBSD partition and save a lot of tedious file renaming.
  Latest version 1.00 - 20th March 2004 Zip archive 121K
WebBuild is the BBC BASIC V library and collection of routines which I have created to build this site.
I use this the create the majority of pages based on templates and data files.
This software has been designed to be simple rather than elegant or efficient - it operates like a well known brand of paint.
I have made this cut available for download to provide inspiration for other programmers.

Note: due to the length of some of the file name, I have had to use ZipEE to create the archive. I suggest that you also use this to unarchive the file. ZipEE can be download from John Pettigrew's software page.
OutlineWimp Desktop Enhancement Package
  Latest versions:
  • !DeskCtrl 2.05 - 29th September 1998
  • !OutFiler 1.2 - 20th July 1994
  • !WimpPatch 5.3 - 13th October 1998
  • OutlineWimp 2.24 - 15th February 1997
  wpatch.arc Sparkive 104K Zip archive 79K
The OutlineWimp Desktop Enhancement Package contains a selection of programs that make the desktop of older machines (with RISC OS 3.1x) look more like that found on the later RiscPC and A7000.

The full WimpPatch package is now Freeware (was Shareware) and can be downloaded from this site.

   This 800x600 (78K) screenshot shows the effect of running the WimpPatch package.
The features of the components are listed below:
  • !WimpPatch
    • Replaces the System Font in the Desktop with any Outline Font.
    • Replaces the arrow characters in text with those in the supplied symbol font (normal fonts do not contain the arrow characters used to show key shortcuts etc).
    • Right justifies the keyshortcuts present in menus to take account of the proportional nature of most fonts.
    • Offers the choice of 2D or 3D borders round menus and windows.
    • Tiles sprites on the window background. Different sprites can be selected for different colour depths to maximize speed.
  • OutlineWimp (support module)
    • Provides * commands to configure all the features of !WimpPatch.
    • Handles outline font on mode changes to make sure the correct font aspect ratio is used at all times.
    • Saves current settings in the 'DeskBoot' file.
    • Provides SWIs which plot Outline Fonts to enable programs that write directly to the screen to be patched easily.
    • Stores and registers the symbol font with the other ROM fonts to remove the need of having a !Font directory just to contain that font.
  • !DeskCtrl (replacement for the Palette Utility)
    • Provides windows for configuring all the new features of the Outline Font Desktop including all aspects of font configuration and setting the background textures.
    • Provides a fully configurable screenmode selector like that found on the RiscPC and A7000.
    • Enables screenmode selection using hotkeys.
    • Contains a new palette selector which includes a selection of predefined screen palettes.
    • Enables the setting of several useful CMOS configuration settings which do not have any corresponding *configure commands.
    • Provides the ability to save the new Desktop configuration settings using drag and drop.
  • !OutFiler
    • Patches the Filer so that the 'Full info view' where the text is written directly to the screen uses the new outline font.